We just help you to understand life challenges and Empower you to Unleash your Potential Some issues are not only about the challenges of a person, they are more complicated and bring external factors that affect their mental health (stress, family pressure, work, depression, anxiety...) we always understand that.
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happiness does not come to you You Have To Create Happiness MCC helps you develop self-awareness and self-esteem that assist in finding the better and happy self. Happiness is a technique generated by an empowered mind through relearning behavior and acquiring strategic thinking. about us our services If you need a friend to talk to We Will Be That Friend Problem shared is half solved. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by life challenges and we need professional assistance to gain clarity on better behavior, improved productivity, fulfilling relationships and better academic performance.
about us our services

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You are having challenges and need counselling? Please contact us via social networks by texting or video calling. We are here to help in handling life issues and enhancing mental health.

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If you are in distress and want our help, simply pick up the phone and call us anytime you need help. We offer conducive and friendly environment suitable for clients.

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We offer: Individual, Group, Child & Adolescent Counselling, Motivation & Mentorship and Employee Assistance Program. We are a quality oriented organization with competent professionals.

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Welcome to Mentor Counselling Centre

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We have been in operation for more than ten years and got incorporated in the year 2021 as a Limited organization.

Along with the development of social life, people today encounter many challenges and difficulty in mental health attributed to today’s life style characterized with social isolation, employment loss and redundancy, economic crisis, marital conflict, COVID 19 Pandemic and child rearing challenges. Here we want to mention mental health can be understood as a major problem of human beings in modern society that need more attention.

Acknowledging this requirement, MENTOR COUNSELLING CENTRE​ established a Psychological and Mental Health Centre, designed to provide psychosocial counselling and therapy in combination with mentorship and life coaching. Mental health services are provided by qualified Counsellors and Psychologists.


Psychological Services

Our goal is to provide clients with the best service, and help them overcome their barriers and gain desired mental health.


“ If You are in Need of counselling, Contact Us , We are Support 24/7 ”

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We Always Ready For A Challenge

Our goal is to satisfy clients through skills acquisition, empowering them with relevant techniques, behavior change and awareness that will equip them handle varying social and mental health challenges.

Mentor Counselling Centre is a client- centered organization aimed at improving counseling services in Africa

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